The story consultation was fantastic. Susan helped me gain a more objective view and make steps to develop the narrative to its full potential...’

Hannah Hill, Dir. 'Art of Surgery',

Story Consulting

I am a Story Consultant for independent documentary film, short fiction and authored films for broadcast television. From concept through to edit, I examine story essentials, structural approach and emotional editing to bring your subject right to the heart of your audience. My advice is supportive and impartial, as we work together to create the best film possible from your material. If you would like to talk to me about your film, whatever stage you are, please don’t hesitate to get in touch through my Contact Page. A free 1 hour consultation is available to all filmmakers.

Selected Credits

‘Art of Surgery’ – in pre-production

1 x 90m. Independent film. Dir. Hannah Hill. A group of surgeons turn to art to perfect their skills as doctors.

‘Man with a Camera, Greenland’ – in production

1 x 60m. SVT – Swedish public television. Dir. Mikael Strandberg. The filmmaker travels to Greenland with his family to experience a year in the life of the Greenlanders.

‘Sisters of the Wilderness’ – in production

1 x 90m. Independent film. Dir. Ronit Shapiro. Wilderness guide, Lihle Mbokazi, sets out into wild nature with 6 troubled teenagers. She is believes strongly in the power of African wilderness to transform.

Untitled science fiction documentary – in post-production

1 x 90m. Independent film. Dir. Eric Schockmel.

‘Rom Boys’ – in production

1 x 90m. Independent film. Dir. Matt Harris. A curious sub-culture of middle aged, still skateboard in a crumbling skate park in Essex.

‘Edge of Obedience’ – completed, now with distributers

1 x 60 m. Independent Film. Dir. Jin Craven. A Malaysian painter struggles to pursue his art in an increasingly fundamentalist Islamic Malaysia.

‘Superstar Role Model’ – completed, numerous festival screenings

1 x 75 m. Independent Film. Dir. Rebecca Brand. An actor teams up with her 9 year old niece to create a feminist superstar to see if she could be popular with a tween audience hooked on celebrity.

‘Shadow Trade’ – completed, now bought by Netflix

1 x 60 m. Independent film. Dir. Richard Elson Prod. Cherique O’Brien.  An animal rights activist travels to Thailand to investigate the dog meat trade.