I had lost perspective on my material. Discussions with Susan helped me rediscover what had made the story compelling to me in the first place.’

Eric Schockmel, Dir. 'Inventing the Future' - feature documentary,

Edit Consulting

Dramatically improve your documentary storytelling.

The closest relative to editing is screenwriting. Screenwriters understand how stories work. They understand what story components are and how to put them together to make a compelling narrative. I work as an edit consultant using selected techniques from the art of the screenwriter film because they work in documentary filmmaking too.

‘Susan was an enormous help as edit consultant on my hour long documentary, ‘Shadow Trade’. Her forensic assessment of the film and frank discussions enabled us to achieve a structure that flowed in terms of clarity and drama. We were so delighted when it was picked up by Netflix on completion.’

                                                                                       Richard Elson, Director, ‘Shadow Trade’, Netflix

I have lived and worked in the UK, Denmark, Singapore and for 6 years in New York. Each country has provided me with unique approaches to create compelling stories. I have taught storytelling in the edit at universities and on film courses across the UK and at New York University where I lectured for 18 months. Alumni from this course include Spike Lee, Oliver Stone and Martin Scorsese.

      ‘Susan gave invaluable guidance on the narrative of my film ‘Edge of Obedience’. It gave my story real drive and momentum. She was a great companion on my journey to craft an entertaining and thought provoking story. We got a quick sale to Sky Arts, this was my dream destination for the film’

                                                                                   Jin Craven, Director, ‘Edge of Obedience’, Sky Arts


If you would like help in the edit of your documentary or short fiction, don’t hesitate to get in touch. One free hour consultation available to all filmmakers.