Testimonials – Edit Consulting


‘Susan works collaboratively and understands that input from all sides is essential for solid storytelling. She brought to the table a sense of order and the vital communication necessary for me to understand exactly where my story should start where it should go, and how it would end.

She knew immediately that I needed to take a step back to help me better understand the story structure, pacing, and thematic elements that were missing from my previous edits. Things that she would suggest would be completely off my radar and were an absolute must for the story and the film.

Without question, I would recommend Susan for any project where the editor or director is feeling like they need help with story direction or need outside perspective to relieve the overwhelming burden that sometimes comes with editing and storytelling.’

Brandon Watts, Director, Me Finding You – feature documentary


‘I began working with Susan shortly after I moved to Greenland for one year with my family to make a film for Swedish television, SVT, our quality broadcaster.

I’ve always been good at finding interesting film subjects, but shaping my real life stories has been hard. With Susan’s help, I began to find clarity of what story to tell and how to tell it. Through happy conversations, she helped me identify what could make my film truly original.

She also helped me to get much more finance compared to my earlier films. We collaborated on two proposals for European pitching sessions where she transformed my descriptions of events in Greenland into dramatic story arcs hidden in my ideas. I highly recommend Susan. She is also a very nice human being, which adds extra value to such a cooperation.’

Mikael Strandberg, Director, Man with a Family, Greenland – feature documentary, SVT Sweden


‘Susan was enormous help as edit consultant on Shadow Trade. Her forensic assessment of the film and frank discussions enabled us to achieve a structure that flowed in terms of clarity and drama. It was clear from the outset that she took on the project with dedication and the desire to make it the best film possible.’

Richard Elson, Director, Shadow Trade, feature documentary – Now bought by Netflix


‘I approached Susan while still in production. I am from South East Asia and was keen to see how a ‘western’ story style might be applied to my film aesthetic of poetic metaphorical shots combined with actuality footage, all shot in Malaysia. Susan was able to help me combine the two, giving invaluable guidance on narrative structure to create and sustain a compelling narrative.’

Jin Craven, Director, Edge of Obedience – Now bought by Sky Arts


‘I had lost perspective. Susan helped me reconsider what had made my story compelling for me in the first place. Through working with her, I realised just how strong a protagonist I had. My film changed from a thesis film on the early days of science fiction, to a compelling narrative about visionary inventor, Hugo Gernsback.’

Eric Schockmel, Director, Tune into the Future – feature documentary 


‘Susan provided story consultation on my feature documentary from the early stages of production. At every point she has offered insightful observations and valuable suggestions. Susan approaches story consultation in a very structured and methodical manner and has provided very detailed and valuable feedback along the way. I feel our project has gained so much from her expertise and experience.’

Rebecca Brand (no relation), Director, Credible, Likeable, Superstar Role Model – International film festivals


‘Susan helped me get to the core of my film and find the best possible structure, whilst keeping the tone and mood that was so important to me. Working with Susan gave me inspiration and a new sense of direction to finish the film in a manner closest to how I had originally intended it. I would highly recommend working with her.’

Abigail Prade, Director, Still Life – Fiction short