Testimonials – Story Consulting


‘I had lost perspective. Susan helped me see what made my story compelling for me in the first place.’

Eric Schockmel, Dir. Untitled science fiction documentary 

‘The consultation was fantastic. I gained objectivity and learned steps to develop the narrative to its full potential. I now feel a great sense of freedom in how creative I can be with shaping this story.’

Hannah Hill, Dir. Art of Surgery

‘Susan’s forensic assessment of my film and our frank discussions enabled us to achieve a structure that flowed in terms of clarity and drama. She was completely dedicated to helping us make it the best film possible.’

Richard Elson, Dir. Shadow Trade – Now bought by Netflix

‘At every point Susan has offered insightful observations and valuable suggestions. Her approaches is very structured and methodical. I feel our project has gained enormously from her expertise and experience.’

Rebecca Brand (no relation), Dir. Credible, Likeable, Superstar Role Model – Numerous international festival screenings


‘Susan helped me get to the core of my film and find the best possible structure, whilst keeping the tone and mood that was so important to me. Working with Susan gave me inspiration and a new sense of direction to finish the film in a manner closest to how I had originally intended it. I would highly recommend working with her.’

Abigail Prade, Dir. Still Life