My aim is to fuse great structure with emotional storytelling.

I use techniques from narrative film to shape the documentaries I edit. My special skill is bringing the emotional life of the characters to the fore. I strive to keep the energy I saw in the raw footage until the final cut to bring the emotional heart of your story to the audience.


Selected Credits

  • Current: Edge of Obedience

    1 x 60m

    Independent film – Director, Jin Craven

    Zakii Anwar paints nudes, that’s pornography to the Islamic Malaysian government. Singaporean director, Jin Craven, hired me to help create a ‘Western’ sense of drive and momentum in her poetic narrative, while respecting her desire for strong mood and atmosphere.

  • From Buddhist Monk to Rockstar

    Channel: BBC

    1 x 20m

    Independent Film – Director, Dualtagh Herr

    This was brilliant casting by director Dualtagh Herr. With careful pacing, we left time in the cut to allow the huge charm of this former monk to shine through as we see his dramatic story unfold. This was an independent film and quickly snapped up by the BBC.

  • Hip Hop Hijabis

    Channel: AL JAZEERA

    1 x 25m

    Independent Film – Director, Mette Rietzel

    Two Hip Hop artists convert to Islam and want to take their music to a Muslim audience. This hugely successful film gained editorial in several of our best UK newspapers, as well as on two BBC radio stations.

  • The Century That Wrote Itself

    Channel: BBC 4

    2 episodes x 60m
    Keo Films – Director, Claire Whalley

    In the 17th C, writing and publishing exploded. I collaborated with Claire to blend history and personal stories in a poignant mix that aimed to bring these long dead people to life.


  • Wonders of the Universe – Messengers

    ChannelBBC 2

    1 x 60m
    Director, Chris Holt

    Brian Cox is a natural performer, generous with emotion. The challenge was pacing complex ideas, illustrated through beautiful imagery and well chosen music, to keep the audience captivated to the last frame.

    BAFTA NOMINATED: Best Science Series

  • My Life in Verse with Cerys Matthews

    Channel: BBC 2

    1 x 60m
    Wall to Wall Television – Director, Mark Bates

    This was an exploration of Celtic poetry. Politics, rebellion and regional identity were the repeating themes and mood and atmosphere vital components of the story.


  • What we still don’t know

    Channel: Channel 4

    2 x 60m
    Darlow-Smithson - Director, Srik Narayanan

    Srik’s imaginative filming and powerful intellect provided me with a wealth of material. The result was two fascinating and entrancing films. They were well received and we won Best Science series at the Indie awards.

    WINNER: Best Science Series, Indie Awards


  • 88 Keys in Cuba

    ChannelAL JAZEERA

    1 X 30m
    Independent Film – Director, Elizabeth Jones

    Shot in Cuba, this film reveals the plight of termite infested and salt damaged pianos in this tropical country. But of course it’s really a film about the U.S. trade embargo, where getting a new piano string is a nightmare.

  • The Man Who Ate his Lover

    Channel: Channel 4

    1 x 60mMentorn – Director, Srik Narayanan

    Editing for pace and drama I helped create this compelling thriller. It is a portrait of loneliness and connection in the 21st century as the world went online.

    NOMINATED: Best Single Documentary – Televisual

  • The Art of Spain

    Channel: BBC 4

    1 x 60m
    Director Robin Dashwood

    Using beautiful photography, evocative music and compelling stories, I cut Art of Spain to create the magic and mystique of the Moorish occupation.

  • Britain from Above

    2 x 30m
    Lion Television – Director, Nic Young

    With aerial photography of the UK shot over a century, my aim was to weave the personal and the historic to evoke nostalgia and love for our eternally evolving island home.

    NOMINATED: Best Documentary Series – Broadcast Magazine

  • Mad Justice

    Channel: A & E USA

    1 x 60m
    Gabriel Films, New York – Director, Rachel Grady

    Oscar winner, Rachel Grady (Jesus Camp), directed this moving account of mental illness and crime on the streets of New York. Shot in an observational style, we are lead by a dedicated parole officer and a lawyer to the heart of this neglected community.

  • American Nightmare

    ChannelBBC 2 This World

    1 x 30m
    Director, Emeka Onono

    Emeka found heart-breaking stories of people who lost their homes in the U.S. housing crisis. I cut the observational scenes to bring out the emotion the director had sought to capture.


  • Matchmaker

    Channel: Channel 4

    1 x 30m.
    October Films – Directors, James Parr and Jobeda Ali

    Jobeda Ali is not one to avoid controversy. Her film Matchmaker says British Bangladeshis are out of step with modern life. I loved her quirky approach to the subject and cut this observational film to showcase her rye humour, creating a provocative documentary about British women looking for love in the country of their ancestors.

  • Mutiny: Asians Storm British Music

    Independent Documentary Feature

    1 x 90m.
    Director, Vivek Bald

    Vivek was after a punk aesthetic with this raw film about the British Asian music scene of the late 1990s. Over 6 years, Vivek shot interviews and concerts. We cut this with startling archive to explore the deep and troubled roots of Asian music – the racism, creativity and rebellion.

    FESTIVALS: Asian American Film Festival, San Francisco

  • Unorthodox Vows

    Channel: BBC 2

    1 x 30m.
    Director, Susan Brand

    Irit grew up on a liberal kibbutz, Eli in a strictly orthodox family. There is only one Israeli wedding service however, strictly religious. Conflict ensues as families tell the couple what to do.


Editing Facilities

Edit suite with Avid and Adobe Premiere in London, N1.


Bafta: Best Science Series Brian Cox – Wonders Of The Universe
Indie Awards: Best Science Series What We Still Don’t Know
Televisual: Best Single Documentary The Man Who Ate His Lover
Broadcast Magazine: Best Documentary Series Britain From Above
Grierson Awards-Jury Member 2016, Dok Incubator-Selector 2017, WFTV-Board Member 2013-2017:


'Susan is creative, talented, patient and fun to work with. She is an instinctive storyteller...'

Dualtagh Herr, BBC Dir. From Buddhist Monk to Rockstar